RNS Morning Report: Shambhala Finances; Oath Wording; Mindfulness in Schools

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche in 2007. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Need to know: Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Financial Fallout

Shambhala International fights to survive in face of sex scandal

In order to address outstanding debt, the board is looking into selling Marpa House, a beloved property used as an intentional living community for about 40 people. More from Religion News Service

Signs of the Times

A fight over ‘So help me God’? God help us

Let’s avoid adding more fuel to the culture wars. God should not be a political football, writes Thomas Reese. More from Religion News Service


Are yoga and mindfulness in schools religious?

Yoga and mindfulness could become the fourth 'R' of public education. But up for debate is whether the 'R' in this case stands for relaxation or religion, writes Candy Gunther Brown. More from Religion News Service

Modern Almoner

Divine intervention: Vatican aide defies police to restore power to homeless shelter

An aide to Pope Francis has shimmied down a Rome manhole in order to restore electricity for hundreds of homeless people living in an unused state-owned building. More from The Guardian

Domestic Zone Extended

A fishing line encircles Manhattan, protecting sanctity of Sabbath

This string is part of an eruv, a Jewish symbolic enclosure. Most people walking on the streets on Manhattan do not notice it at all. But many observant Jews in Manhattan rely on this string in order to leave the house on Sabbath. More from NPR




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